Our aim in Pre-School is to encourage and instil a real enjoyment of learning and for children to develop self-confidence for when they start school.

We know that children learn through play so our pre-school rooms in Calne and Lyneham offers a range of exciting play opportunities for all children. The spacious rooms enable children to move freely around each of the areas. 

Your child can decide whether they would like to dress up in role play, get creative with paint, play with dough, sand, water or other materials in the construction area.

We have plenty of stories and songs to help communicate language skills. 

Pre-School Toys

Enhanced activities with adult interaction and a structured routine are all part of preparing children for school. By following the EYFS children’s individual interests are encouraged and supported to enable them to develop their skills and reach their full potential as well as preparing them for school.

Children are encouraged to develop their independence skills as they help to set up the tables for lunch time, wash their own hands and help tidy activities away. The pre-school rooms provides children with the opportunity to enhance their social skills as they form friendships with other children build positive relationships with staff and participate in group activities.


Sunny Days Pre-School at a glance...

Carer to child ratio of 1:8

Walking distance from the baby and toddler nursery

Our aim is to help children be prepared for school, achieved by following key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS), developing their confidence, self-esteem, emotional and social skills, whilst developing a connection and respect for their natural environment

A more structured approach to their day includes a variety of activities including music, science and creative play

Gardening area and outdoor play